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Grey's Albums

Music from Grey's Anatomy and more

Grey's Albums - Music from Grey's Anatomy and more
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Before you join greysalbums you must go HERE and leave a comment (Yes the mods will be checking to see if you did.)

greysalbums Music From Grey's Anatomy and then some

This community is FRIENDS ONLY! So once you join friend us! Make all posts friends only

DISCLAIMER : The RIAA dictates that all music downloaded should be removed after previewing for twenty-four hours. What you do with the music you collect here is your own responsiblity.

Did you hear a song played on an episode of Grey's Anatomy? Love the song? Want to hear more from the same artist? Then you have come to the right place! greysalbums is a place where you can request albums from artists featured on Grey's Anatomy, such as: Get Set Go, Tegan and Sara, Psapp, Anna Nalick and so on. You can request an album or share you.

If you request an album of an artist and have you can share please do, for example if you want an album by Psapp and have one of the Tegan and Sara albums then feel free to share that album.

Also if you would like to donate 50 cents here or there. Or donate whatever you can afford that would be cool. If it works out, I would like to use the money to make this accunt a paid account as well as webspace to host the more popular albums.

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Okay we have to have some rules, yes we do.

1. Please be kind and considerate when requesting an album. I’m sure someone saw your request they just have to upload the album for you. This does take time.

2. When requesting an album use the form below.

When sharing an album use the form below. If you are filling a request, please make a new post. (Please note that when you place a link for download make it hxxp:// with a note to change the xx's to tt's. This keeps sites from linking us back)

3. Yes you can ask what song was played on what episode when so and so did whatever they did. However, if it is from a new episode that just aired; please use a cut. Some people may not have seen the episode and do not want it ruined for them.

4. I have an album I would like to share, where can I upload it to? No problem. There is a whole list here.

5. Please make use of the tags function when posting an album.

6. If you have a question just ask, someone will be able to answer it.

7. Please keep these questions related to Grey’s Anatomy and its music.

8. Please check memories before requesting.

9. After you read these rules, please comment here with "I love greysalbums". Comment first then go here and join. Once we see that you left a comment and get the e-mail you joined we will approve your membership. This rule doesn't apply to members who have already joined.

10. Please do not use internet speak. Not only is it annoying BUT NO ONE CAN UNDERSTAND IT WH3N U TYPE LIEK THIS!!11!!! OMG ALSO NO ON3 IS GONG BOTHER 2 FIL A REQUEST OR DOWNLOAD AN ALBUM WHEN U TYP3 LIEK A JAKAS!1!1 LOL! If you use netspeak we have thr giht to mock you anywhere we want.

11. Have fun and please tell your friends about us.

Laura (mercedeslove)
E-Mail: mercedes_love@comcast.net
AIM: OnexThsndxKisses

If you would like to become an affiliate with greysalbums comment here

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